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Age/Gender 30 year old Woman
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what you should know about me

LIKE WHAT YOU SEE? **Please read, then comment all you like :D **

Yup, that is really me. Well sort off. I photoshopped it a bit so it doesn't look as MUCH like my original photo, (made hair a bit longer, changed the panties, added the tattoo, but STILL me.

Now, who here would turn down THAT every night slinking into your bedroom, nibbling on your neck in allll the right places and grinding down on you to get you nice and hard? And would you turn it down, instead opting to do video calls with (not so sexy) girls secretly and maybe even hooking up while your girlfriend is at work?

I didn't think so. Yet for some reason my boyfriend of almost a year prefers NOT to enjoy me but have video/dating fun secretly on the side, and when I come home all excited and ready to get frisky, he turns me down for months now . . .

And after spiking every dating and adult site available with my own secret profile, and catching him, he still refuses to come clean, but begs me NOT to leave him because he "loves me".

So why no sex? bacause apparently I caught some sort of viral rash on my leg (probably from him or one of his kids) and even though I could easily cover it up, he's afraid he will catch it himself. Even the doctor said it wasn't a big deal. Contagious yes, but would away on its own. So no sex. Not even fooling around, or toys or anything. Nothing. For several months now.

Now I know a lot of girls can be **itches, complain, whine, nag, bicker, fight and demean guys.

That's not me. I am patient, rarely get angry, don't call names, don't like fighting, always cheery looking on the bright side of things, always trying to make my "man" comfortable whether it's making a hot dinner before he gets home, trying to tidy-up, taking care of HIS kids, rubbing his feet and legs at night after his 12 hr work day, stroking or scratching his head and/or his back, and bringing him food while he sits on the sofa. And NEVER turning him down for sex.

Plus I am out there gutting deer for

who i want to meet here

rebuild boat engines, mowing the lawn, and anythign else he asks me to help him with.

Yet he is out behind my back hooking up with not-so-attractive girls online and maybe in person. I have been WAAAAYY too patient, and I am tired of tracking him all over the net with all his nude photos.

Leave your thoughts and comments here. He will find this page eventually. OR

my ideal first date

You can leave them on HIS page here on the site, screen name "orangecapricess" (by the way he hasn't updated his photos in prob 5 years so he can look much younger).

And and did I mention I have standards, and I am very loyal? No one has gotten a nude pic, and I don't look twice at a guy. I have one, i show him respect by NOT looking back at all the drooling mouths or winking or flipping my hair back like most girls do when their guy isn't looking.

But he seems bent on getting attention any way he can . . . even if it means losing me in the process.....

Thanks for all your help :)

things i need to be happy

Diet Coke. Gotta have it first thing when I wake up! But in the dental field its a big no no, lol!

secret talents that i have

You will have to find out!

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