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i am an animal cop, yes like the ones you see on tv. i love sports i played college baseball, but i actually also like to shop,so ladies you might like that...i like to do almost anything though im intersted in everything and i am a character and can make anything fun. if you hang out with me i gaurentee i will make you laugh

Im Jessica. i'm 22 Years Old And I'm A Full Time Certified Photo Technician. I'm Half South Korean & Caucasian. I'm Easy Going, Shy, And Quiet When I First Meet You. But I Warm Up Quickley. I Am A True Southern Belle And Am As Honest As They Come. I Try And Stay Classy And Conservative. i'll be the first to admit it that im a little spoiled but im still very independent and im a very hard working ...

Old fashion lady who is artistic and loves to be in nature hiking, horseback riding, swimming, gardening and acts on the spur of the moment. When the opportunity is right and available for me to act. Loves animals of all kinds especially the wild ones, have five baby raccoons who adopted me and I'm raising, they showed up on my cabin porch one morning this spring, eating my kitties food and never ...

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