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Hey hey to the person who is reading my profile. My name is Megan, if you dont already know me then shame one you. For the others that do, consider yourself a lucky one ;).Im getting ready to turn 21 August 22nd! ::WHOO HOO:: Anyways a little about myself, i just moved back Bridgeton, and im living with my Grandparents.. I have brown hair and blue eyes (the hair changes alot tho). I am a Manager a...

am a down to the earth person with a good sense of humor.i love to make people happy as am a happy person myself.i travel alot due to the nature of my job.i am honest,caring,lovng and trustworthy.i love to swim,cook and watch movies.i am a devoted christain and dont lie.would tell you more later

Lets see.. I am currently a student studying business. I love to party and hang out with my friends, yet cuddle up with a nice girl. If you have any questions, feel free to ask!

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