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By the way it says here I'm 47 but I'm not..some reason it keeps it like that... I'm a New Years baby and I'm 48... I'm just an old fashion girl who loves to ride her motorcycle yet enjoys the femininity of being a woman. I love to wear my high heels and love feeling good. Please if you can't handle PDA's (Public Displays of Affection) then don't bother with me, cause I need to know you enjoy b...

Im Jessica. i'm 22 Years Old And I'm A Full Time Certified Photo Technician. I'm Half South Korean & Caucasian. I'm Easy Going, Shy, And Quiet When I First Meet You. But I Warm Up Quickley. I Am A True Southern Belle And Am As Honest As They Come. I Try And Stay Classy And Conservative. i'll be the first to admit it that im a little spoiled but im still very independent and im a very hard working ...

I just want a woman who I can feel comfortable around, I like free spirited and strong women. I like a straigh forward woman, you tell me exactly how you feel, no game playing, you have to be honest and smart, loyatity is a big thing for me, I couldn't care less about the color of your skin, if you and can have fun by being together then life is beautiful.

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