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Seeking: Men
Looking for: Flirting
Age/Gender 25 year old Woman
Location: Harned, KY
Height: 5'2"
Body: Average
Race: White
Religion: Agnostic
Languages: English
Income: Tell you later
Profession: Tell you later
Education: High School
Status: Never Married
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what you should know about me

I am an ABH for the United States Navy; I'm very patriotic and loyal to my friends and family and my country. I am optimistic, kind, and imaginative. I am widely hypothetical and open-minded; odds are that I will think that no ideas are stupid. I am lenient and laid-back, very slow to get angry. I am compassionate and I like to give people advice on Y!Answers. I have never been on a date and had my first boyfriend when I was 14. I will be occupied until August of 2011 for basic training, but promise to email as soon as possible.

who i want to meet here

Someone who is understanding, caring, good-humored, adventurous, and open-minded. I do not like clinginess, but I do like to hold hands. I will travel a lot, so you should want some kind of long distance relationship or willing to the distance.

my ideal first date

Dinner at a foreign restaurant (not American because that's what I am) with a humorous gentleman.

what people notice about me first

I am funny and "weird". I like to try different things. I know about different subjects from reading trivia. I like to keep my hair short. I have excellent penmanship. I adore men. And I am always surprising.

music, movies, tv shows that i like

I love horror movies like SAW; my two favorite serial killers are Hannibal Lecter and Jason Voorhees. I love comedies such as Friends, scientific shows like Bones, cartoons like Spongebob and Family Guy. I like Dr. Phil, Judge Judy, Nancy Grace and People's Court.

things i need to be happy

Companionship, adrenaline rushes, a change in routine now and then again.

secret talents that i have

I guess you'll just have to see.

my favorite outdoor activity

Playing Volleyball

where in the world i want to visit the most


best piece of advice i ever received

Join the Navy

the most important aspect of my life at the moment


what i find most attractive

Willing to try everything and anything

what i find least attractive


the person who has most influenced my life


the funniest thing to ever happen to me

I went to school in a tutu and danced to Michael Jackson's Thriller in front of 1000 peers at the end of a school day

my favorite vacation

Holiday World all day

the most embarrasing thing to ever happen to me

I lived in a house for three years thinking there was a basement. There isn't.

if i could be doing anything today, i would be...


favorite quotes

Anything to do with Hannibal Lecter or clever epic sayings of life, love, and the pursuit of happiness

Give me liberty or give me death

turn ons
turn offs
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