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Seeking: Women
Looking for: Flirting
Age/Gender 32 year old Man
Location: Marianna, FL
Height: 5'11"
Body: Athletic
Race: Black
Religion: Other Christian
Languages: English, German
Income: Tell you later
Profession: Construction
Education: Some College
Status: Never Married
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what you should know about me

I am ME
i am an artist
a poet
a musician
but most of all i am human.

i am for the higher calling in life but i still weather same storms that other humans do.
i have Loved and losT! i strive to have meaningful relationships until i find THE ONE....

My work as an Artist is one of the most important things to me. My life is clothed with my desires of exploring the mind body and soul.

i have been in the military ( completed my time honorably and took a digital photography course for a year at the Art Institute in Schuamburg, IL
i have partied in many cities across the globe.i have many stories and iessons learned.

I try not to be the stereotypical male, yet at the end of the day, I still find myself being a male. So shoot me. This life is about treating others as well as yourself with respect. There are many different names for it, but at the end of the day, be honest with yourself and others. Always strive to be and do better. And never forget that knowledge is power, and power can be used for good or evil.

who i want to meet here

Here , I would like to meet someone that I can share my ideas with. Someone headed in the same direction I am in life. It's often hard to know or see where we are headed so I will be ok with someone who is simply up for the ride. I like to explore things and they would do wiell to have a similar nature or atleast care enough about what i find important to allow me the space and time to do it.

I have grown out of or tired, rather, of the list that we make for people. I now just take people for how and who they are and if the chemistry is there, then it's there, if not, then it's not.

I believe physical attraction is just another thing. Sport cars look good but it doesn't mean everyone should have them. It's more about whats inside. Don't take me for a saint, I have my charecter defects , but know that I work on myself and continue to grow. It would be nice to meet someone who feels the same.

my ideal first date

I'm more of the typer of person that would rather create a date from the ground up. I tend to cater a date to the person I am dating. I mean, it really matters n the people right? Just know I try to not be so selfish and tend to others as well as my own needs or wants. I have found it fun to be drug from my comfort zone. Unless i have good sound reason to be there.

what people notice about me first

The things I say!! ?? Really I would assume they notice my clothes but I can understand how some other charecteristic can shine through the visal senses.
When I was in High school , it was my smile, dimples, and eyes, but now, I wouldn't really know what to tell you. Maybe they are the same, I'm not sure. You let me know what you see.

music, movies, tv shows that i like

I know it's cliche, but i really do listen to a wide variety of music. I am currently branching out to more international styles and am trying to muster up the ability to just leave american artist alone for a while. I don't want too many of them influencing my own work.

Basically, if it's good music or art, Than it's good music or art.

I am more into the independent scene of everything though. Yet, I do understand that many of the things i am surrounded by during the day is american. I love my cartoons. I feel like tv is a BIG lie and most of it is a watch of time and is nothing my than JUST entertainment. I do not own a tv, just a laptop. I control what i watch. I like to download podcast about whatever i want to learn about at the time and just listen or watch thoughs. Then there is netflix.

things i need to be happy

Laptop, an ipod of any kind, vegetables, sugar, paper and pen, ability to express myself. real fruit juice. (mango- Orange) quiet time, loud time, more to follow..........

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