timslogic Safe, kind-want friend to grow with-like racy talk
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Seeking: Women
Looking for: Flirting
Age/Gender 59 year old Man
Location: Virginia, MN
Height: 5'11"
Body: A few extra pounds
Race: Asian, Black, Islander...
Religion: Other
Languages: English, Other
Income: Tell you later
Profession: Other
Education: Some College
Status: Divorced
actress: Nada Massey
what you should know about me

I am ok with my decisions about myself as they are made with no harm to others but humiliation or degradation aimed towards me through gossip. It's my life. I let others live their way as long as they don't harm others.

I love older women, especially asking for sex with a "Please" in their eyes and I find them attractive and sexually appealing so I'm going to at least give them oral sex if I'm not horny. I'm also Bi-Curious but have hang ups as life has been so long as hetro.

who i want to meet here

Women who want a good honest fun chat buddy. Flirting. Able to laugh at ourselves in embarrasing situations. Come to desire to Stimulate sexually through our teasing and friendship. Able to speak of fantasies and secrets and know the other doesn't care or judge but respects your privacy also. Would consider a male if the story passes, and definately prefer very feminine, transexual/transvestite as masculine features ruin it for me. Remember, this is first time s**t. Gotta look like a pretty woman..

music, movies, tv shows that i like

70's folk, Rock, Rock and Roll, LSD music like Led Zepplin, ELO, ELP and the freakout shit that goes on for hours without words. Carol King, Carly Simon, those days are my hippy days and left a mark on making me a kind person. A n&un taught me guitar in the mid 70's and was all old 60's &70's peace and love, folk type, hippy type, kind music. wonderful woman.

things i need to be happy

someone to chat with. Woman to have fun with and flirt with. Sometimes to intentionally be bad and sexually stimulate each other with our teasing I need very little. Have lost all I owned to thieves in my life. No big deal. You get over it. You somehow collect shit all over again. In my life, everything I owned was lost at least five times, not all theft but situations beyond my control. Get high with a little help from my friends. Hear my stepsons voice once in a while. 30 yrs old, doesn't need dad for much...neither did any of us.

secret talents that i have

Economics -Took 8th Place in Nation in 1985, Houston TX National Office Education Association Competitions. 1 to 6 year students competed against each other. Took 7th in Nation in General Office/Job Application. Just not sure how I learned so much about Economics. Never had one Economics Class in my life. But always had interest in Business and Governmen, US and World Report and Time Magazine I received by subscription

my favorite outdoor activity

Learned this from old flame/exibitionist. I like to stop by walking trails and hiking trails, in short grass or in open at end of forest. Have sexual intercourse and you don't stop for anything. Cheryl dug public attention , was olive like skin, not really a tan and a body from a high stepping model magazine. Her face was beautiful too. She picked me up one night at a bar in Superior WI, for a one nighter and god, we must have went together for close to a year. I left for Austin, TX over a very bad decision. End of us. Pregnant when I returned. I still will fuck you in public, even just standing up with only the car for cover. Adults in the park obviosly recognize what your doing and don't appreciate it, but neither of you can or will stop untill we orgasm, no matter how much staring. If a cop came in the park we'd be busted anyway so we'd fuck like teenagers to come before being cuffed.

best piece of advice i ever received

Go to the police station as they requested. If you don't trust them bring a bag of clothes and cigarettes for jail. In your Detective interview ask for an attorney, refuse to answer any questions for the detective. You can tell him you were advised by Father Fred Fox, Family Services counselor at Ordean Foundation. If they let you leave,come downtown, directly to my office. When they bring Jimmy in for his interview he is to tell them the truth exactly including it was Tim that used deadly force. Jimmy is testifying against you with his statement, but your already downtown, Jimmy's coming after his interview and the men c hased you young guys down and meant to hurt you badly. You tried to run, it's all you could do and your back is documented. No way can anybody reasonably expect you to run to far. Then it's up to Prosecutors, Police and Detectives. Plus I had already found out the Police had found one eye witness in a car in the parking lot who saw the entire even unfold.
That advice gave me time to chill out, gave Police time to hope we each finish each other off on the streets as everybody was aware of the multiple and violent threats on my life. They hated the older guys, but I pissed them off unforgiveably as a teenager so they let us all run free for a couple months with the bad asses hunting me down. Me just drinkinng Moonshine and not sweating it. Around Christmas I was arrested for a "near death situation" Jury found me not guilty for self defense. A Duluth Police Officer testified for my side and stated the man had ripped his whole uniform off him during an arrest for a Domestic Dispute, and his girlfrriend was badly beaten. The Officer stated he knew the man to be a violent member of the community.

turn ons
turn offs
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