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Seeking: Women
Looking for: Flirting
Age/Gender 54 year old Man
Location: Indiantown, FL
Height: 6'0"
Body: Athletic
Race: White
Religion: Spiritual
Languages: English, French, Germa...
Income: Tell you later
Profession: Artistic
Education: Associate's Degree
Status: Divorced
animal: Dog
sport: football
college: Miami Hurricanes
team: Miami Dolphins
ice cream: Rocky Road
activity: Camping
muscle car: Barracuda
sushi: Spider Roll
song: Sweet Emotion
what you should know about me

Laid back, into music (play guitar and sing...maybe I'll sing for you), hard worker, honest to a 't', dedicated monogamous! Hair (dark brown and thickkkkk) down nearly to my butt, green eyes that change from dark to aqua depending on mood (dunno why). I keep in shape, and am not interested in someone who outweighs me. Sorry, but if you take that as shallow, this is a romance site and we gotta turn each other on if there's to be anything started, right? I won't play games with you, and I like to get to know someone. Like everyone else, I've been burned and am willing to take it slow. Shout back if that sounds like u.

who i want to meet here

I want a woman who isn't going to bottle everything up and not communicate. I am not stupid nor am I close-minded. If I do something boneheaded, TELL ME! :) I want a woman who'll give me her opinion, even if it might not be what I want to hear. As long as it's honest, then the issues I might have with it are mine to get over, right? I give my opinion, and I have never thought a woman's opinions were weaker or of less merit simply because she had boobs. I know trust is a hard commodity; give me a chance and I'll earn it. I want a woman who needs a good set of arms to snuggle with, a soft shoulder to cry on if she needs it (I'm an excellent listener - Pisces, very empathetic), a strong set of hands to massage the aches and tensions out after a hard day (I play guitar, my fingers DO NOT get tired!), and still able to release her inner child! I want it all :D!!!

my ideal first date

Well, that would be up to the lady, since my ideal would be to put her at ease. If a person is relaxed (as much as a first date can be!), then they'll be more likely to talk about what interests them, likes/dislikes, turnons/-offs, etc. A restaurant setting is pretty neutral, since if the chemistry is there, we'll have plenty of time to find out about each other. If the chemistry isn't there, we'll still have a good dinner and night out, so it's a win, right? ;) I have no illusions: I know I'm not the best-looking, smartest, funniest guy out there, but I'm doing okay in each enough to be confident in myself. I'm old-fashioned, I still hold the door or mark the chair when I'm with a woman, but I'm no way a stuffed-shirt.

what people notice about me first

Well, since I'm not them, I can only tell you what females in the past have said:
My eyes and my butt. My eyes are kind of unusual, I guess, and I've never seen my butt since it's attached and I only have to look if I were to lose it! :D

music, movies, tv shows that i like

Movies: Caddyshack, Let it Ride, Captain Ron, Bruce Almighty, Lady and the Tramp (Disney Cartoon; silly I know, but one of my favorites anyway), Scrooged, High Plains Drifter, Pale Rider
TV: M#A#S#H#, CSI MIami, Law & Order, Cartoons, Football, Basketball (I have played the game, but cannot stand to watch golf)
Music: Way too much to list here. Everything from Folk and World music to Classic Rock to Country. Only things I'm not really crazy about are Opera and hardcore Rap.

things i need to be happy

I don't like arguing, liars, and I'm not a guy who constantly cuts others down trying to be funny. I make jokes and love to laugh, but I don't run people down and be negative. I can take constructive criticism and I can take the occasional shot, but there are so many other ways to laugh that I prefer to stick with the positive.

secret talents that i have

OOOoooooooh, THAT will have to wait until we know each other better.

turn ons
turn offs
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