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Seeking: Women
Looking for: Flirting
Age/Gender 63 year old Man
Location: Delta, British Columbia
Height: 5'4"
Body: A few extra pounds
Race: White
Religion: Catholic
Languages: English
Income: Tell you later
Profession: Other
Education: Some College
Status: Divorced
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what you should know about me

I'm a pretty badly banged up, used and abused hopeless romantic. More accurately put, romance roadkill!!! (lol) Very easy going, comfortable, warm and intelligent individual. Very honest and candid, easy talking and communicative, strong ethics and character, peaceful disposition and demeanour. Gentle natured, humorous, loves laughter and make others laugh and the simpler things in life. More the strong, silent and mysterious type. Outdoors oriented. Most that know me say that I'm easy like a Sunday Morning......(yeah, I know, cliche' lol) I don't like drama, confrontation, maliciousness, selfishness and egotistical people. I've been totally wiped out so if you are looking for money, fiscal security, or stuff to take, use or steal then you'd best pass me by, others have beat you to it. I'm starting from scratch and in the same token I am not looking for handouts or what have you either. I've always stood on my own and will do it again now. I am in the process of changing my direction in life to a much simpler and peaceful existence, to pursue some of my own dreams and goals for a change. Looking towards a live aboard future where I can enjoy the things I love most and so that I can finally dedicate some time to my writing and more simpler pursuits. BTW, I am NOT Mr. Right! (see, told you I was honest! lol)

who i want to meet here

I really would like to meet some good friends, people that I can let my hair down with so to speak and that are as comfortable and easygoing as myself. I'm not looking for a relationship at this time, been burnt pretty badly and am very gun shy that way, sorry. Close and intimate I can handle, drama, games, and such I can't. Right now close friends is what I need most is someone preferably of similar character, background, temperment and disposition. Not sure about FWB, will cross that bridge if it arises. Similar spiritual background is preferable. No, BBelter's or SB's please!

my ideal first date

I'm the hopeless romantic type... for me it's always things like moonlight strolls on the beach and stuff like that..... I don't consider dinner and a movie, or parties, social gatherings in the same venue as the truly romantic. A bit of laughter over a coffee, classic theater in the park, window shopping holding hands or arm in arm is also in the same vein as being truly romantic..... in short, to me romantic is not measured in dollars and cents..... from experience I've found that the more it costs, the less it's worth.... simple but oh so very true.

what people notice about me first

This is a toughy, some say it's my body language, other's say it's my eyes or facial composure, many say it's my warm smile......... some say it's my stance or the way I walk and carry myself, many have said that no matter how gruff and tuff I appear I still seem to exude and air of comfort, warmth and trustworthiness. Truth is i don't know for sure what it is but most people seem to be drawn to me and I really am not sure why. Same goes for kids and animals...... I seem to be like a magnet...... (it's also been my curse too!!!! ROFL!) I know that bad people really don't like me right off the bat if that says anything. Or maybe it's what I mentioned earlier..... I'm romance roadkill???? (ROFL)

music, movies, tv shows that i like

I enjoy a large selection of music with modern Country and Western being my favourite followed closely by soft rock and folk and classical. I am into sci-fi and fantasy fiction types of movies and shows, love animated, documentaries and outdoor oriented. I like some sitcoms and certain special interests programming.

things i need to be happy

The basics is all....... literally. Being around others that, like me, live the golden rule of doing onto others as they would have them do unto themselves. People that treat me the same way I treat them....... a bit of time, patience and understanding...... comfort and undemanding intimacy, contact and communication. I know you were expecting me to say love but that is something that although I have been able to feel and give fully usually has not been something I've often received...... these days just sharing some time with someone like myself would make me happy...... (or you can simply scrape me off the road!)

secret talents that i have

Several! And I will NOT give these secrets away just yet! ROFL!!!!

turn ons
turn offs
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