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patriotic man

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Dear all,

I am very happy to comment now, I wish to share with you a lesson that I have seen.

I have introduced a girl in December 2012, our connection has started while her sister that lived in neighboring nation, we have chatted her through facebook our talks duration was 6 months talking frankly without talking any specific matter like dating

On earliest December, she requested me to pass a message to her younger sister living in the city that I live now, she gave her telephones in order reach the message the message was " tell my sister that she wants to call her' I have reached her with the message and I told her the message.
After I used this opportunity to introduce her younger sister, and we fell in love, during our first round of talks she requested me to marry her and I requested her to delay in order deep introduction between us, then we have continued our relationship, I have met face face to face with different times, but the girl as I assumed that she thought that I am not honest to marry her, our relationship has lessened down, then any way suddenly I heard that she got married on first week of May with older man, this shocked me, I have loved her, and from now I don't know how to forget her although I have sent her my congratulations to her, but still her love remains in my heart, what I can do can i turn my self to her sister and start a relationship with her. I don't know what to do.

Please help me this case.

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