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patriotic man

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I have been member in webdate since 2004, i appreciate of my membership here since I have earned lots of friends, and read more threads with different meaning.

Today i hold the pen to share with my friends how to start stable relationship with some one I mean relationship between men and woman, boys and girls.

I have learned lots of lessons for failed relationship I had had with girls and woman.

Still I am thinking how to start some research on the problem and better realization of this situation.

On the other-hand my point of today is to ask you what is the solution of failed relationship.

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Posted 5 years ago
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I have been here since March 2013....i don't think it so complicated....No relationship is perfect never will be never has been ...drama drama drama ....but look around this is earth guys not mars....we are two different people coming together different ideas....different ways of seeing things our feelings are different....expressions and outbursts are different...even our opinions....... but never the less the attraction is there....you try to combine this two people together and things may fly well at first and look so good til the differences come in and you get upset about something that's bothering you ...but he/she doesn't understand where you are coming from....so opinions are exchanged.....to be very upsetting and hurtful and it all ends .... its not that complicated ....one refuses to let you in again because you upset he/her way of perspective...let it go.... and agree to disagree...one has to come up with the good sense when the other is down...but your both hard headed and just crack the rock in half....because it feels better to agree with the wrong choice then fight it .....and not just let things settle walk away....or try to..a day or so and talk again ..... we are not meant to be alone ....but to have someone to share intimacy with play tease ...share a meal....watch a movie ..have a conversation ...do things together...look in their eyes and just appreciate each other....and of course this is only in a true and honest relationship .....not one of those where the head games are in....blow you every which way you cant get your balance...weird people come in to play....its either a sex game .which they aren't even in the game just playing a part ...someone trying to convince you....you are the one....where someone is trying to make you believe they are the one and trying all in all... to get over on you some way...confusing you in every way shape or form .....in a real relationship ...don't try to hard just take it one day at a time because tomorrow has problems of its own...don't put words in the persons mouth ....which you will regret the answer......in other words if its not broken don't fix it....if it is fix it don't throw it away......you think my grand parents didn't fight and argue they lasted 65 yrs til he died and she did to...6 mo later out of loneliness....ahh yes people from a different time ....they didn't throw it away...and you know why because attraction brought them together.....not perfection.....

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