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I sincerely appreciate and respect women, attempt to be sensitive to her needs, Listen to her thoughts, desires, open communication, Make her feel that she is special Taking pride in knowing it is you,And not making her feel as though she's just another woman. Demonstrating to her, the power over me..when were are making love...Iam reminded that there is a person attached to it. Feelings.. motions, trust, respect... and when it's all in place.. My knowledge tells me that the lovemaking is fabulous.. I respect women of all ages,Whether she's 18, 48, 78 or whatever is not important, what’s more important is their true nature through their actions, not mere words. I think it depends on the types of character each individual possesses, not age. It's easy to talk to people of either subject on the e-mail not only because their presence is not with you, but also because you are in your "space", and you have all the time in the world to think of what you want to say. You don't feel the need or pressure to say anything. Thats why I like eye to eye , nothing like human contact. Meeting someone who don't worry about how long it is before we see each other again but enjoy the time spent together then we can concentrate on the
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