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- The 5 most common ways women test men’s character.

- The Number 1 Reason Women Will Test You

- The Reality of Peoples’ Power Over You

Women instinctively search out particular qualities in a man, you’re about to learn the basics of how women test men. They do not even know they are constantly screening men for value; it is automatic and purely instinctive when it comes to women testing men.

A man’s strength of character is an attractive quality; it is about how he holds himself and retains mental control and stability in an intimidating situation. If you lack composure, are weak in character or are not much of a leader then women will not be attracted to you and you will not have power with women.

The 5 most common ways women test men’s character:

• Showing up to dates late

• Expecting men to pay “all the time”

• Having tantrums or reacting to ‘little’ things that annoy them

• Not returning calls or text messages

• Hinting that men have no sexual chances with them

Women do this because in a matter of minutes they find out what kind
of guy you are and whether you are a man with a strong frame of mind. This in turn saves them time and sorts the boys from the men. A beautiful woman can get 10 approaches a day even if she does not realize she is being hit on. She does not have the time to spend a few hours with each man and get to know whether he is a good guy or not; she goes with her gut feeling and moves on.

It is the same feeling that would stir within you if I were to place you in a car dealership and tell you that you can have any one car but make your decision within 10 minutes. You would rush around quickly sitting in some, merely just looking at others and you would go with your gut and finally make a decision. This is the process some women go through their whole lives; you need to differentiate yourself as soon a possible and in a strong way.

The Number 1 Reason Women Will Test You

The average attractive woman will get approached 8-10 times a day,
if they took the time out to exchange details and date every guy that approached her she would not have time for anything else. By ‘testing” your strength of frame she saves time and takes a shortcut to finding out in a short matter of a few minutes whether you are a Chuck Norris or a penguin. Don’t be a penguin.

Just realize that you choose to give her power because you choose to be attracted to her. Try not to advert to the thing that gives her power. If people realize they are the holders of power in the interaction often they are more likely to take advantage of this, for example getting drinks off you or by leading you on.

This is the same in any context where there is an element of power. Take work for instance; people act considerably differently around their bosses because both they and the boss knows how that specific power dynamic operates. The boss will know just how far he can push his employee before the employee realizes that they are being taken unfair advantage of.

The Reality of Peoples’ Power Over You

Many women, for instance, are subjected to their bosses being sexually inappropriate in the workplace yet fail to make a complaint as they
are scared they will lose their jobs. The bosses in these workplaces often know of this fear and realize it makes the employees vulnerable and take advantage where they should not.

The same principle applies to dating women and social interactions. If someone knows you like them and they do not have an interest in you they may try to use you for their own personal gain and up unto the extent that they think you will allow. Walking up to a woman in a bar and telling her she is “The hottest girl in the club” and then offering to buy her a drink then wondering why she leaves once the cocktail’s been finished is no big mystery. The moment she realized the man likes her and she is not interested in him she will still want to put him to good use. She knows that men who have been attracted to her in the past will do things a stranger would not usually do.

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