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Sharing your life with someone else can be the greatest joy, completely scary, or just down right unpleasant. How have things gone with you in your life?
2,044 58,228 12 months ago
Have a hot date tonight, or had a horrible one last night? Trade some advice and tell some juicy dating stories!
815 8,523 12 months ago
Sex is a complicated but oh so necessary part of life. How do you deal with it? What do you like, what do you hate? What problems have come up in bed?
1,140 39,980 12 months ago
Ask a Girl
For the test of time, guys have never understood how women think! Ladies, can you please try to give a glimpse for hopeless men everywhere?
1,014 15,534 12 months ago
Ask a Guy
Men are not the simple minded creatures as is often thought. However, guys never make it known with those distant minds of theirs!
6,702 18,588 12 months ago
The web is a great place to meet people you would have never known existed. How about take it one step further and organize some real life meet-ups where you live?
4,858 7,882 12 months ago
Are you raising some children while trying to have a life of your own? Dating with kids isn't the easiest situation! Come here for support, stories, and Q&A.
16,419 17,489 12 months ago
Under 30
General forum for the dating community under 30 years old. Teens and 20s chat it up!
1,899 5,849 12 months ago
30 to 45
General forum for the dating community from 30 to 45 years old. A more refined area for a community who is a little more settled down.
1,540 4,558 12 months ago
Over 45
General forum for the dating community over 45 years old. Have you been divorced, or still haven't found that one true love? Discuss!
1,857 3,580 12 months ago
All things Webdate.com
Come in here to let us know what you like, any problems you may have, or how we can make your Webdate.com experience better.
4,315 77,950 12 months ago