Most Common
What if I lost my password?
Click here to fill out a form so your password can be sent to your e-mail address.
How do I disable my profile?
From your settings you can disable your profile. If you are logged in, you can go to your settings page by clicking here and then click on "manage account".
Frequently Asked Questions
What is is the first, biggest, and best FREE online dating site in the world. Webdate boasts thousands of successful new relationship every month. We have millions of singles and swingers from all over the world looking to meet their perfect match.
Is really safe?
Absolutely, just remember to be smart: don't reveal personal identifiable information until you are comfortable with the person you are talking to. Get to know someone on using our video chat. For first dates, always meet in a public place. Use your best judgment before meeting someone in person.
How much does cost?
It's 100% FREE!
My Profile
Do I have to fill out my profile?
Though it's certainly not required, you'll increase your chances of finding the perfect Webdate if you at least upload a photo, share a little about yourself, and describe what you're looking for. The more you share, the better your results will be!
Using the Site
How do I make my profile discreet?
In the manage account section, there is an option to make your profile discreet. This way, only those you approve and add to 'my friends' are able to see your photos.
What is the 'my friends' section?
You can indicate you're interested in someone by asking them to add you to their 'my friends' list, and members interested in you will ask you to add them to your 'my friends' section. It's a handy way to look up profiles you'd like to visit again, and allows you to share photos if either of you have a discreet profile. To add someone, simply click 'Add Friend' on their profile page.
How do I read messages?
Messages are displayed on the 'my home' page, and you can also access them by selecting the 'messages' link in the navigation bar. Simply click the preview text of a message to open it. Clicking the username of the member who sent you a message will take you to that member's profile.
What does 'verified photos' mean?
The 'verified photos' icon indicates that this member has sent in a valid photo identification which matches the photos on their profile. Verified photos show members you have proven your physical identity and can give you peace of mind that the member you are contacting is a real person. To get your photos verified, click the 'verify your photos' link at the top of the page and follow the simple instructions.
Video Chat
How do I use video chat?
Select Video Chat from the navigation bar. You should see a list of available chat rooms. Click on the room you would like to enter and then click the 'Join Selected Room' button. You can see other people in the chat room by clicking on their name in the room list. You can see other people in the chat room by clicking on their name in the room list. You can also create your own video chat room by clicking on the My Public or Private Room button.
Do I need a web cam to use video chat?
No you do not. However we recommend you purchase one at your local computer or retail store. Most web cams now are very cheap (around $10 - $30) and plug into your USB-enabled computer. Believe us, once you turn on your camera on Webdate, you will massively increase responses.
Great, I'm in video chat, now what?
You may see quite a few people chatting on the video cams. Always remember to be polite with other members. Common chat etiquette includes the following:

  • Consideration. Watch a room for several minutes to observe the mood before sending a message after you join to make sure you have some understanding of the community atmosphere that has built up in the room before you arrived.
  • DON'T SHOUT. Avoid typing with capital letters, which are interpreted as shouting.
  • Flooding. Keep messages short to avoid "flooding" other people's screens with a lot of text. If you have a long message, break it into several sentences and send them separately. Remember, Webdate Moderators in each room can BAN you for abusing our chat rooms.
  • Courtesy. If someone asks you a question, send some sort of reply. When you leave a room, say goodbye so the people you have been talking with know that you've left.