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Well....there's alot to me..I'd rather just explain it to you if you asked..but, here are some basics..I like to swim,skate ride bikes and every other sport you can think of, i'll do it.. i don't play head games..i'm not a child, i aint down with that..i'm currently attending central virginia community college and hope to venture into virginia tech one day..lmao..i love animals..i'm honest, up-fro...

hi... my name is Lisa. I have a beautiful one year old daughter, she is the most important, best thing that's ever happened to me!She ALWAYS comes first! My friends are also very important to me..they've always got me through the hard stuff life throws out ...my family may be nuts but when i cant count on anyone else they're still there. though i hate to be stuck at home and like to be out doing s...

I don't have many standards to live up to. I like all kinds of women. I like women with an open mind and a sense of humor. I like a women I can be romantic with, who likes the sweet sappy stuff. I like a woman I can take out to wherever or just chill at home with. I'm looking for a women I can be myself with, a women I don't have to TRY to please, a women who is already pleased with who I am.

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